Staying Away!

The hope of you calling my name is what keeps my soul alive

Dead I had remained, since you stopped doing so, staying put in your hive

What good is life, if it’s without the vision of seeing you smile
What better way to die, than to look at you glow far from a mile

Surely meaning to things changed, when I first felt your skin
The density of name and fame suddenly lost its touch within my kin

What have me done, that can undo, the misery, I bestowed upon you
My life should go, so shall my flow, if all it takes to finding you

For your image I see in everything that has the world look bright
And I see you smile, moving on, and just wanting me away from your sight

So shall I stay, away from your gaze till eternity I so swear
Nothing but embarrassment and sorrow i shall keep as the only cloth to wear.

Ali Gohar


The Elixir

Life is a curse and you the healing cure
Administer the elixir  and make me pure
Heart gets stuck and therapy to mature
Soul gets its music with your vocals to lure
Madness has me thinking of help from you
Gods may leave me but count I shall on you
So why Have you not pondered over the fate
Of an innocent heart and its sublime state
The gruesome feeling of having to hate
The pint of pleasure that always come in late
What makes it worth the killer’s push
And dampens down with just her hush
So lets hear the tunes of lust from your skin
Let go of all you have called your kin
And let’s reignite in unity for once and for all
To make that fire burn me to let go the fall
And have the two of us be one forever
And live we shall united together.

Ali Gohar