Fade Away

All that I am left to do is stalk her skin day in and out
Like a shadow that leaves only when the dark is out
The imagery that has left a life long mark on my mind
Whatever I do, can’t get her innocent smile out of my mind
What shall I do, to forth with come close to her heart
Anything which makes me cent worthy of a space in that heart
Yet after all my abstention, keeping my promises alive
Why has it been such an uphill climb to keep myself alive
Cowardice it might be not, keeping the secret to myself
Tell it I would, at the price of losing her hope to myself
But what’s the point of giving up what you don’t have
Certainly keeping a joy, you never were meant to have
So climb shall I over the hills, to reach the top and seek
The flower of flowers that I wander about the world and seek
But immaterial are my endeavors, meaningless the same
The flower has grown and ignoring my presence all the same
Worthless have I become despite the name I carry around
Surely the touch once known has me know nothing left around
So wander the more I shall, maketh it shall in this world no sense
Pray i shall for her to mask the nomadic touch and start making sense
No worries she carry about of them misty fading thoughts
Never to retreat from her courage and stronger be her thoughts
The past be hushed, the present lushed and future untouched
As the stronger she gets, the harder her skin be touched
For rise she should, finally letting me rest in peace forever in my grave
And the happiness of her soul shall I seek even within my grave.


Ali Gohar