Staying Away!

The hope of you calling my name is what keeps my soul alive

Dead I had remained, since you stopped doing so, staying put in your hive

What good is life, if it’s without the vision of seeing you smile
What better way to die, than to look at you glow far from a mile

Surely meaning to things changed, when I first felt your skin
The density of name and fame suddenly lost its touch within my kin

What have me done, that can undo, the misery, I bestowed upon you
My life should go, so shall my flow, if all it takes to finding you

For your image I see in everything that has the world look bright
And I see you smile, moving on, and just wanting me away from your sight

So shall I stay, away from your gaze till eternity I so swear
Nothing but embarrassment and sorrow i shall keep as the only cloth to wear.

Ali Gohar


Holy Water

unnamed (7)

In this lonely space I sip the holy water

Listening to the tunes of a familiar piper

Every second that passes reminds me of fears

Of the unwavering and unscratched layers

A blunderous scheme of things that occupied

My mind with no hope have me terrified

A small token of her effect on my life portrays

A lost soul to the charms of whims which betrays

How many a miles one has to move and achieves

A love that sells so cheap yet in which he believes

So yet another gulp yet another dawn of tears

And the mystery of keeping the same from your peers

In all this the comfort that is on him so lost

And yearns to talk he does to put it up the post

Afraid he is of the talks that it so surrounds

The same having him out all in clutches and bounds

For its the beauty of life he so chases down

But what good is life when it so let’s you down

Leaving you with no more than a treasure of sorrows

And having only to wait for another sip in the morrows.

Ali Gohar

The Mock Tale


Then they said I am left with no more

Potion or scent of life for the worldly whore

Heavens transcendent and thoughts unfold

The aim is through the eye no one so told

Pity her skin for she have lost the jewel

Laughter on my face sublime and all is well.

How can my silence be heard by the wordless

Who can hear only the chants of the worthless

So another tale another journey comes to an end

Speaking of which smiles take a bend

And yet again I raise the no more scene

Making no sense to the mindless not so serene

And another journey thus awaits to be discovered

For doors open up when they are to be uncovered.

And so a new night and a new day is to come

New promises to be made and taken home.

Ali Gohar

May you dream!!

Let there be a dream that you dream

Of me clutching to your cream

And I can tell you of my love for the scene

And my feelings pure shown to be serene

To your light filled heart I bow down

Never be I away from your town

Misery may put me to the gallows

Honesty may derail me from my shadows

I will never complain from the skies

Surely I will have a few more tries

For my longing is pure from the filth of lust

My needs for all reason may bite the dust

The flames of love shall still shine

The call of life will still be mine

Your troubles that have you sleep in pain

All of them I can accept for the gain

The price is your love unfettered by mortality

Which I shall chase from the midst of immortality

And so the purpose of my life be served right

As having you is the best possible delight

For that joy I hope you dream the dream

Of me clutching to your cream.

Ali Gohar


Whence cometh your name for the try

How can i live when all i get to see you cry.

The smiling glimpse of your face

That naked feeling all left to trace.

How much can i give to have you mine

How far can i travel to have it with thine.

Tears shall i shed, blood shall i spill

You test my will and you will find a mill.

So have me come near your soul this once

Let me feed myself with the touch just once.

For my life is all but a walking shadow

Its gone all so lonely and left so shallow.

Give me your hand and never shall i leave

Push me far then but i shall heave.

For i shall be yours all your life

And for you ready i shall be to take a knife.

This Poem is dedicated to a sweet soul who just don’t know her worth 🙂

Ali Gohar

Myth’s Denial


And the truth that unfold

no god can be so damn cold

no mercy, no blessings, hush!

i can maketh a ton alike in a rush

what shall this tale thus breed

the worst lead or the devil’s steed?

So I shall renounce him all today

for all he showed is harm and hay

my faith has shattered all along

the spark of hate is all so strong

and so my stallion goes for kill

for i have passion i have the will.


Ali Gohar