The Damned Courage

You calleth yourself a believer, yet you fear death,

Notin my life have I seen bravery and courage in such dearth.

One Act of violence has all lost their spark,

One cowardly act of stray dogs when they bark.

And now all embracing cowardice, to live an extra day?

You want to be forgotten in a naysayers way?

Your beliefs are to be strong, to make you rise,

A beacon of light you be, to silence who despise.

For the Almighty I believe in, his prophet I received in,

And all the guidance that was revealed in.

For the book of the glory, about the truth of the Lord,

Has me seeking to explore and to think through the eyes of the Lord.

Why should I, of the fear of my death, give away my belief?

And all my convictions i abandon, just to get some relief?

the ways ordained in the book, how do I disagree

For it’s the word of the Lord to explore and set free

For my wandering soul cannot be chained to die

For I don’t believe a soul can live, based on a lie.

Elie Gohar


Staying Away!

The hope of you calling my name is what keeps my soul alive

Dead I had remained, since you stopped doing so, staying put in your hive

What good is life, if it’s without the vision of seeing you smile
What better way to die, than to look at you glow far from a mile

Surely meaning to things changed, when I first felt your skin
The density of name and fame suddenly lost its touch within my kin

What have me done, that can undo, the misery, I bestowed upon you
My life should go, so shall my flow, if all it takes to finding you

For your image I see in everything that has the world look bright
And I see you smile, moving on, and just wanting me away from your sight

So shall I stay, away from your gaze till eternity I so swear
Nothing but embarrassment and sorrow i shall keep as the only cloth to wear.

Ali Gohar

Fade Away

All that I am left to do is stalk her skin day in and out
Like a shadow that leaves only when the dark is out
The imagery that has left a life long mark on my mind
Whatever I do, can’t get her innocent smile out of my mind
What shall I do, to forth with come close to her heart
Anything which makes me cent worthy of a space in that heart
Yet after all my abstention, keeping my promises alive
Why has it been such an uphill climb to keep myself alive
Cowardice it might be not, keeping the secret to myself
Tell it I would, at the price of losing her hope to myself
But what’s the point of giving up what you don’t have
Certainly keeping a joy, you never were meant to have
So climb shall I over the hills, to reach the top and seek
The flower of flowers that I wander about the world and seek
But immaterial are my endeavors, meaningless the same
The flower has grown and ignoring my presence all the same
Worthless have I become despite the name I carry around
Surely the touch once known has me know nothing left around
So wander the more I shall, maketh it shall in this world no sense
Pray i shall for her to mask the nomadic touch and start making sense
No worries she carry about of them misty fading thoughts
Never to retreat from her courage and stronger be her thoughts
The past be hushed, the present lushed and future untouched
As the stronger she gets, the harder her skin be touched
For rise she should, finally letting me rest in peace forever in my grave
And the happiness of her soul shall I seek even within my grave.


Ali Gohar

“Felix Natalis Decorus”

Let the angels be set free and sent for thee
For The advent of a new beginning for thee
Let the world witness them holy spirits falling
In love with you for that will be their calling
They will worship your smile till eternity
And call up on you as their savior till my fidelity
May joys shower onto thee in bulk all day
And sorrows be defied onto you till they lay
Such be your tale that every soul may want to have
A place with you they would willingly join in a grave
And you be immersed so much of your living
That no being dare call forth your killing
No spell may harm your valor not even by a scratch
All that I pray for is that everything you wish by you catch
And Willingly the whole world may take for you
Knives after knives just for a glimpse of that smile of you
So may this new year in your life be the start
For the love and joy so denied from the cart
May you be atop the world serene forever
For that is where you belong to live forever
And never should your smile fade away for a bit
For that’d bring the world down to dust in a pit

Ali Gohar

The Elixir

Life is a curse and you the healing cure
Administer the elixir  and make me pure
Heart gets stuck and therapy to mature
Soul gets its music with your vocals to lure
Madness has me thinking of help from you
Gods may leave me but count I shall on you
So why Have you not pondered over the fate
Of an innocent heart and its sublime state
The gruesome feeling of having to hate
The pint of pleasure that always come in late
What makes it worth the killer’s push
And dampens down with just her hush
So lets hear the tunes of lust from your skin
Let go of all you have called your kin
And let’s reignite in unity for once and for all
To make that fire burn me to let go the fall
And have the two of us be one forever
And live we shall united together.

Ali Gohar

The Abyss

I want an ocean of tears to flow
And have my heart lighten up to glow
The depths of sorrows occupy my soul
Why do these filthy humans play so foul
Laughter’s and smiles have gone down the drain
So cheerful I were, lost like a waterless grain
To Reinvent myself I try so darn hard
Issueless I remain with no queen on card
Ambitious I remain, hopeless I have become
Why do I fight it when the worst is yet to come?
Each morning em dawned with misery
Grief beholds my skin void of the treasury
Hell has unleashed itself upon me strong
I have been proven for all my acts so wrong
Why didn’t I listen to my heart in its depth
Should my misery be not taken from this dearth
Heavens had I foreseen for being my home
Fire burning all around me, why this hellish dome?
I need the change of life, away from the skin
No more may I suffer, to her being akin
Let the godly wisdom safe my life again
For em on the verge of collapse of my brain
So let the dome collapse and the gates be open
For the barter, all I want is to be let into the den
So let’s elope into the abyss and be unified
Hush away from fears and have my life beautified.

Ali Gohar

The Pages From Life


The pages of my life have thus been filled
Agony kept shouting and pain finally spoken
Them books claim victory that I have been killed
My pleasures and joys, away have been taken

The smiles I would witness are snatched
Somehow my guardian angels left me stranded
Gleamy looks ah! are left to be watched
I can’t count on my luck is how em branded

Hopes I had of the unseen are all but lost
Mercy for me is forgotten, upon me dawned
Can I not make a run willingly taking the cost
Good luck charms speaketh not, they yawned

The pages are consumed help is the need
So let’s pray onto the Lord for some sanity
For no more can I take the toll of being kneed
And let the hopes leave hope for an epic totality

I have shone in the past like a star I know
Remembrance of the days fill my pages
How to not be the dead is how I used to mow
If my stars ain’t confined to their cages

Its a text book fairy tale without the happy ending
Let us put in some pages and have them speak
Making things brought together for the bending
And have the screams taken care of by a squeak.

No more I want to keep in weeping
For the mighty string is up and keeping
The secret I held so dear may be reaping
And I shall see my doom miserably creeping

Ali Gohar