The Damned Courage

You calleth yourself a believer, yet you fear death,

Notin my life have I seen bravery and courage in such dearth.

One Act of violence has all lost their spark,

One cowardly act of stray dogs when they bark.

And now all embracing cowardice, to live an extra day?

You want to be forgotten in a naysayers way?

Your beliefs are to be strong, to make you rise,

A beacon of light you be, to silence who despise.

For the Almighty I believe in, his prophet I received in,

And all the guidance that was revealed in.

For the book of the glory, about the truth of the Lord,

Has me seeking to explore and to think through the eyes of the Lord.

Why should I, of the fear of my death, give away my belief?

And all my convictions i abandon, just to get some relief?

the ways ordained in the book, how do I disagree

For it’s the word of the Lord to explore and set free

For my wandering soul cannot be chained to die

For I don’t believe a soul can live, based on a lie.

Elie Gohar


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