“Felix Natalis Decorus”

Let the angels be set free and sent for thee
For The advent of a new beginning for thee
Let the world witness them holy spirits falling
In love with you for that will be their calling
They will worship your smile till eternity
And call up on you as their savior till my fidelity
May joys shower onto thee in bulk all day
And sorrows be defied onto you till they lay
Such be your tale that every soul may want to have
A place with you they would willingly join in a grave
And you be immersed so much of your living
That no being dare call forth your killing
No spell may harm your valor not even by a scratch
All that I pray for is that everything you wish by you catch
And Willingly the whole world may take for you
Knives after knives just for a glimpse of that smile of you
So may this new year in your life be the start
For the love and joy so denied from the cart
May you be atop the world serene forever
For that is where you belong to live forever
And never should your smile fade away for a bit
For that’d bring the world down to dust in a pit

Ali Gohar