The Elixir

Life is a curse and you the healing cure
Administer the elixir  and make me pure
Heart gets stuck and therapy to mature
Soul gets its music with your vocals to lure
Madness has me thinking of help from you
Gods may leave me but count I shall on you
So why Have you not pondered over the fate
Of an innocent heart and its sublime state
The gruesome feeling of having to hate
The pint of pleasure that always come in late
What makes it worth the killer’s push
And dampens down with just her hush
So lets hear the tunes of lust from your skin
Let go of all you have called your kin
And let’s reignite in unity for once and for all
To make that fire burn me to let go the fall
And have the two of us be one forever
And live we shall united together.

Ali Gohar


The Abyss

I want an ocean of tears to flow
And have my heart lighten up to glow
The depths of sorrows occupy my soul
Why do these filthy humans play so foul
Laughter’s and smiles have gone down the drain
So cheerful I were, lost like a waterless grain
To Reinvent myself I try so darn hard
Issueless I remain with no queen on card
Ambitious I remain, hopeless I have become
Why do I fight it when the worst is yet to come?
Each morning em dawned with misery
Grief beholds my skin void of the treasury
Hell has unleashed itself upon me strong
I have been proven for all my acts so wrong
Why didn’t I listen to my heart in its depth
Should my misery be not taken from this dearth
Heavens had I foreseen for being my home
Fire burning all around me, why this hellish dome?
I need the change of life, away from the skin
No more may I suffer, to her being akin
Let the godly wisdom safe my life again
For em on the verge of collapse of my brain
So let the dome collapse and the gates be open
For the barter, all I want is to be let into the den
So let’s elope into the abyss and be unified
Hush away from fears and have my life beautified.

Ali Gohar