Holy Water

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In this lonely space I sip the holy water

Listening to the tunes of a familiar piper

Every second that passes reminds me of fears

Of the unwavering and unscratched layers

A blunderous scheme of things that occupied

My mind with no hope have me terrified

A small token of her effect on my life portrays

A lost soul to the charms of whims which betrays

How many a miles one has to move and achieves

A love that sells so cheap yet in which he believes

So yet another gulp yet another dawn of tears

And the mystery of keeping the same from your peers

In all this the comfort that is on him so lost

And yearns to talk he does to put it up the post

Afraid he is of the talks that it so surrounds

The same having him out all in clutches and bounds

For its the beauty of life he so chases down

But what good is life when it so let’s you down

Leaving you with no more than a treasure of sorrows

And having only to wait for another sip in the morrows.

Ali Gohar





Because I have promises to keep

And that also Without any fruit to reap

And I shall stand by my words

For nothing stands more dear in all the worlds

In a drunken haze I run and chase an illusion

Knowing very well its nothing but delusion

But still I shall stand by the vows I have taken

For mastered have I roads so taken

Never shall I hold a soul within my reach

For misery has chased me right to the beach

So knoweth thou this I stand vindicated

And it has come with the price of me dei capacitated

Yet I shall live this life of misery with no regrets

For fortunately I never lose out on my bets.

Ali Gohar