May you dream!!

Let there be a dream that you dream

Of me clutching to your cream

And I can tell you of my love for the scene

And my feelings pure shown to be serene

To your light filled heart I bow down

Never be I away from your town

Misery may put me to the gallows

Honesty may derail me from my shadows

I will never complain from the skies

Surely I will have a few more tries

For my longing is pure from the filth of lust

My needs for all reason may bite the dust

The flames of love shall still shine

The call of life will still be mine

Your troubles that have you sleep in pain

All of them I can accept for the gain

The price is your love unfettered by mortality

Which I shall chase from the midst of immortality

And so the purpose of my life be served right

As having you is the best possible delight

For that joy I hope you dream the dream

Of me clutching to your cream.

Ali Gohar


who i am!!

You may hate me for what I stand for

Never think of me like you and know who I am.

The mercy tales that you adhere to

Never think of gaining my sympathies and know who I am.

Your nightmares are where I have been raised

Never think of me as a low-life and know who I am.

You may have the envious women traits.

Never think of me as a weak soul and know who I am

Your judgment is erred with stupidity

Never think wisdom flows from you and know who I am

Your complaining and whining may so proceed

Never think I can fall victim and know who I am

Your utter nonsense will never make sense

Never think I am like others and know who I am

Your intimidation of kids may look so good

Never think I can be subdued and know who I am

Your fairy tales and you I won’t forego

Never think I don’t know your mockery and know who I am

Your rhetoric of respect don’t count for good

Never think I don’t know the way forward and know who I am.

You may well seek repentance one day

Never think I will apologize for you should know who I am.

Ali Gohar


Having meddled with my life she stays

Her arrogance makes me weak and it sways

Never did I fear of losing to my skin

Alas! I have not lost em just akin

To that grace of humility and rage

I bow down without fear of the cage

But to what avail can this tale go on?

Clueless I am, wishes I have and so I move on.

And the misery tower casts its shadows

Having no fear is all I say for the gallows

But it all comes back to haunt me in my dreams

And takes the peace I had always kept with creams

The chance to live life back seems so dark

And many devils seem to be standing with one ark

Nothing can make the sorrows disappear

For every passing moment without you they appear

So stay and stay with me stayed close

A stayed joy that makes me go high with the dose.

Ali Gohar