Trade In Trade out.

Blinded by the faith that we reap.

Honesty adamant all that is left so cheap.

Amidst this summer glory be asked from his kin

That he loves be it at the cost of his skin.

His tales of prophesies are cut so short

For some nay acknowledges his distort.

His stand on principles has had him cost

So much that no father would want it to toast.

His journey has thus taken miles into the trades

From scratch to straw to big gunner aides.

His name has legends all written on it

Be it the bar or bench your bet can be on it.

And the magic he has in his mind

All for take is it even if you are blind.

He treats me with fairness all that can be

Like a son to a father is all that can be.

My hopes to proclaim in my deepest thought

He is not up for sale for no one can have him bought.

And the legends behold for the spell is bit long

And the potion when ready will have him move strong.

And I have his blessings and I have his name

And I won’t be worth the pupil if I don’t get the fame.

For the strength he has given to my holy spirit

All the worlds may combine but no one can pick it.

And the journey goes on for all that is born

And his name shall glitter with every new born.

For what he has made right is all shining bright

And no matter the fight his strength shall stand might.

Ali Gohar


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