My thoughts all scattered around.
Stranded I am how to get abound.
Tales of wisdom I so vehemently preach.
All the rhetoric I so proudly teach.
None of them coming to my aid.
What to say of ways I am out of the trade.
My skin has blows after blows received.
My soul has finally thus been breached.
Misery tales I so willingly opposed.
All coming back having me exposed.
The roads I took are nowhere to be seen.
Darkness and its gravity so to be keen.
A road to the shore is what I need to take me out.
Not some drill played down by a tout.
Gods having me left to the devils speed.
How can I count on the angels lead.
But no regrets even then for my skin.
As blunt I always was known by my kin.
So let the darkness have me all surround.
For I can take the roads from behind.
And keep your mercy for your loved ones the Mighty One.
As I have known the way to my ideals the day I was born.

Ali Gohar


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