Devil’s Scream.

Beliefs that I held dear and closed.
Shattered are they rendered over dozed.
How can I fall prey to my own wizardry.
When that was the catch for troubled ones misery.
My name has thus a blow received.
While I vouched never shall I be deceived.
Still the holy water sprayed right in my face.
The slap of disgust thrown with the lace.
My arch angels have me abandoned since long.
Gone is my slogan of being strong.
How to put facts right where they belong.
Caste away the spell that has me go all wrong. This once make me go out as warrior.
Never shall I retrieve sighting any barrier.
For I am the one for me all I know.
Never shall I forget to have a quiver filled with my bow.
And thus I shall shine amidst the stars.
For skies is where I fly never to have scars.
As awaken is my soul put to an endless sleep.
Troubles may come in bundles but never shall i weep.

Ali Gohar


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