The Hidden Face

The sanctity and the purity I so loathed
with the gush of lust having me unclothed
How can my mind be so wickedly unfaithful
For always did I care for the trust so tasteful
The sudden realization of the beastliness
Having rendered my dreams filled with sleeplessness
And I did wanted the feel of heavenly taste
Did I not realize the essence be missed till so late
And I shall never lose those eyes from heavens
Covered with gold with shades from deep ravens
Those hands I may hold till eternity I swear.
How could I not make her smile to bear
Innocent soul that lay her hands on my mind
How could I get out of the spell when I am blind
And seemingly impossible it was to have her close
All the treasures on earth be damned if they be without her pose.

Ali Gohar


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