Whence cometh your name for the try

How can i live when all i get to see you cry.

The smiling glimpse of your face

That naked feeling all left to trace.

How much can i give to have you mine

How far can i travel to have it with thine.

Tears shall i shed, blood shall i spill

You test my will and you will find a mill.

So have me come near your soul this once

Let me feed myself with the touch just once.

For my life is all but a walking shadow

Its gone all so lonely and left so shallow.

Give me your hand and never shall i leave

Push me far then but i shall heave.

For i shall be yours all your life

And for you ready i shall be to take a knife.

This Poem is dedicated to a sweet soul who just don’t know her worth 🙂

Ali Gohar


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