My thoughts all scattered around.
Stranded I am how to get abound.
Tales of wisdom I so vehemently preach.
All the rhetoric I so proudly teach.
None of them coming to my aid.
What to say of ways I am out of the trade.
My skin has blows after blows received.
My soul has finally thus been breached.
Misery tales I so willingly opposed.
All coming back having me exposed.
The roads I took are nowhere to be seen.
Darkness and its gravity so to be keen.
A road to the shore is what I need to take me out.
Not some drill played down by a tout.
Gods having me left to the devils speed.
How can I count on the angels lead.
But no regrets even then for my skin.
As blunt I always was known by my kin.
So let the darkness have me all surround.
For I can take the roads from behind.
And keep your mercy for your loved ones the Mighty One.
As I have known the way to my ideals the day I was born.

Ali Gohar


Devil’s Scream.

Beliefs that I held dear and closed.
Shattered are they rendered over dozed.
How can I fall prey to my own wizardry.
When that was the catch for troubled ones misery.
My name has thus a blow received.
While I vouched never shall I be deceived.
Still the holy water sprayed right in my face.
The slap of disgust thrown with the lace.
My arch angels have me abandoned since long.
Gone is my slogan of being strong.
How to put facts right where they belong.
Caste away the spell that has me go all wrong. This once make me go out as warrior.
Never shall I retrieve sighting any barrier.
For I am the one for me all I know.
Never shall I forget to have a quiver filled with my bow.
And thus I shall shine amidst the stars.
For skies is where I fly never to have scars.
As awaken is my soul put to an endless sleep.
Troubles may come in bundles but never shall i weep.

Ali Gohar

Trade In Trade out.

Blinded by the faith that we reap.

Honesty adamant all that is left so cheap.

Amidst this summer glory be asked from his kin

That he loves be it at the cost of his skin.

His tales of prophesies are cut so short

For some nay acknowledges his distort.

His stand on principles has had him cost

So much that no father would want it to toast.

His journey has thus taken miles into the trades

From scratch to straw to big gunner aides.

His name has legends all written on it

Be it the bar or bench your bet can be on it.

And the magic he has in his mind

All for take is it even if you are blind.

He treats me with fairness all that can be

Like a son to a father is all that can be.

My hopes to proclaim in my deepest thought

He is not up for sale for no one can have him bought.

And the legends behold for the spell is bit long

And the potion when ready will have him move strong.

And I have his blessings and I have his name

And I won’t be worth the pupil if I don’t get the fame.

For the strength he has given to my holy spirit

All the worlds may combine but no one can pick it.

And the journey goes on for all that is born

And his name shall glitter with every new born.

For what he has made right is all shining bright

And no matter the fight his strength shall stand might.

Ali Gohar


Whence cometh your name for the try

How can i live when all i get to see you cry.

The smiling glimpse of your face

That naked feeling all left to trace.

How much can i give to have you mine

How far can i travel to have it with thine.

Tears shall i shed, blood shall i spill

You test my will and you will find a mill.

So have me come near your soul this once

Let me feed myself with the touch just once.

For my life is all but a walking shadow

Its gone all so lonely and left so shallow.

Give me your hand and never shall i leave

Push me far then but i shall heave.

For i shall be yours all your life

And for you ready i shall be to take a knife.

This Poem is dedicated to a sweet soul who just don’t know her worth 🙂

Ali Gohar

The Hidden Face

The sanctity and the purity I so loathed
with the gush of lust having me unclothed
How can my mind be so wickedly unfaithful
For always did I care for the trust so tasteful
The sudden realization of the beastliness
Having rendered my dreams filled with sleeplessness
And I did wanted the feel of heavenly taste
Did I not realize the essence be missed till so late
And I shall never lose those eyes from heavens
Covered with gold with shades from deep ravens
Those hands I may hold till eternity I swear.
How could I not make her smile to bear
Innocent soul that lay her hands on my mind
How could I get out of the spell when I am blind
And seemingly impossible it was to have her close
All the treasures on earth be damned if they be without her pose.

Ali Gohar


The mirage of life has thus deceived
My openness has thus a blow received
Pleasures I had for seen taken away
Mystery surrounds my actions that sway
What it takes for a wish to be fulfilled
Years of joys and conscious bin be filled ?
The rhetoric of peace may go down the drain
For I have lost it all simply in a loveable rain
The mist that had me flew in its wings
No more can I see myself with the kings
Thus the tale of honesty be so thrown
For its the wicked that ends up with a throne
And I shall make my destiny all in my mind
For all of it will have to stay with my kind
As lost they were in the battle of life
Rise they shall in my lead in their strife.

Ali Gohar

The unsung farewell

I bade thee a wonderful farewell
And hope you have it all well.
Your move may start for you up
A new life to have you go up
Blessings befall you for all times to come
The Lord may be there when no one else to come
For you are an angel who should have the fun
Name and fame, success and game all when you turn.
So have a life you want to live out in your dreams
And make it count when you are finally in the creams.

Ali Gohar