The Mentor’s Story

ImagePeople look for the men in the wild

the grace, the decor and being mild


why just they get blind by the sight


when the man is simply in the sight


his journey of struggle so adoring


his skill full inventions worth the touring.


he started a learner so early


his youth being taken while hungry.


he had his belief in self so strong


that made him the man with no wrong.


His strength gave into his mind


the bliss of heavens that he bind.


From the place that he took off


only excellence like his could pay off


his adventures of life must be told


for he is the man i look upto and behold.


his name has thus travelled far


but never the way he had steered the car.


i just pray he gets the pinnacle he hopes for


as he played his part like noone could hope for.


my mentor may you be blessed


for your shadows keep us dressed.

Ali Gohar Durrani.