My Dear Respected Lala

The seeds of trust were sown
the mighty you be grown
My Lala saw the road
and he spent time on the board
The mind that was small
at once just started tall
Your love shall stay just priceless
never shall i remain thoughtless
I had to left for worst
and you did not know the burst
I could never think of leaving
had it not been for the heaving
I shall not see any cream
but to live my Lala’s dream
And Lala i must add to it so sweet
your shadow is where i retreat
To you i shall hand over my life
but i have to face the knife
For my people have their hopes
and i just can’t break all their ropes
and my prayers are that you forgive
ignorance and contempt that i gave
But i vow that soon shall i return
for your apprenticeship cannot be spurn.

Ali Gohar


The Knot


The odor of her body makes 

the lust sense gets up and awakes

the eyes meeting eyes sweet

hush they meet just to greet

then the breath catching whisper

the scenic cloud of smoke whisk her

the hands then go in hands

a volcano erupts moving up lands

the lips reaching out

the tongues feeling clout

the world stands so still

i can feel the sea water spill

then she helps let go her shirt

and asks to let go her skirt

the naked humans thus lie

oblivion of god they tie

they ride and they moan

they move and they groan

the play of life thus rise

who cares if one is in despise

its the joyous moments fulfilling

of lust and trust so forgiving

and this fun may go on is my wish

hope it not be a wish just to wish.



Ali Gohar.