Silent Solace

The silence doth speaks

mother nature smiles in lonely peaks

the journey of life gushes down

nothing i can claim pours down

the lord’s call goes unheard

and shadows dawn on my herd

the drops drip down strong

my sight has me wait for long

the yellow ball has me graze

mercy adieu its all in a maze

my hands go round in the dream

empty returns for nowhere is the cream

shall i not go deep in my flight

my weapon so missing in lust filled fight

for tears i shall not shed

beggar i am not to be shred

so you my lord help me be myself

for i am in dark enclosed in my shelf.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.


Sudden Joy

Another night another flight

the heavens just let go the plight

the glasses blown in sadness dome

the light had dimmed from heavenly rome

the pieces torn from my lost stone

and all my thoughts of sanity had gone

then doth cometh an angel

with a bliss-filled colorful bangel

my sorrows were aptly crushed

and my life was heavenly brushed

i have my Lord the train of thought

filled with thanks for what is being brought.

Khan Ali Gohar Durrani.