The Song of Egypt

Morsi Supporters.
The Satan open up his gallows
to spill down blood deep down the marrows
the mercy showers went astray
the guns be silenced is the pray
why shall we all be left to cry
is there no one to help us try
to take back what belongs to us
the right of freedom simply lost to us
the horrors sifting child to child
the baby tears can be mild
the orphans shout out for the dead
the widows silenced in the bed
shall we be living on the day
when blessings pour down all the way
when sisi guns be all for sale
the freedom we may win in scale
for you look up at the Saudi king
the devils seem to be his sling.
And only we are left without a friend
no one shall help our country mend.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.