An abstract of whats cooking in the Devil’s Kitchen this time.


Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


An Abstract of whats cooking in the Devil’s Kitchen

As if the YouTube ban was not enough to keep the very pure Youth of the Holy Land of the pure away from any impurity, another strike by PTA was just awaiting, that in the shape of blocking Torrents, which was somehow or the other a cheap source of getting access to a bundle of Package, ranging from games, movies to e-books. But alas! Anything for free in this country, and that too having anything to do with learning or entertainment is never to be tolerated, for that’s impure, and the land needs to be kept pure for blood being spilled by the State safeguarded terrorist organization, along with hate-mongers, rather keeping it this way, this country is left only for the conspiracy theorists like Zaid Hamid to enjoy freedom to do anything, anytime anywhere they want, be it in calling for the Military to take over the reign of power in their hands, or call democratic parties Filthy and separatists, though he himself would go to any extent to call up mutiny.
Pakistan has come all the way down to the cross roads where its going in the direction, it should not be going, but is unfortunately following suit as the good way is only the way trodden by the hate-mongers, the callers of Shiite’s and any non-sunni Muslim as Non-Muslim, and thus worth being murdered. That’s what it has become, the land of the murderers, where a Youth Icon like Malala is to be compared to a con Aafia Siddiqi, Where the Person leading to the OBL episode is facing treason Charges. But the killers of Pashtuns and Baloch who have nothing else to do but kill and kill without any fear of prosecution are wandering as freely as one can possibly be.
So what next? Simply controlling the Youth minds, making them sick, which mind it major chunk of the Youth in Pakistan are, they are mentally sick and by and large extremists, who have nothing else to do but appreciate and praise the Taliban’s letter addressed to Malala. Thus implying what our very Pure intelligentsia wanted it has achieved, the seeds sown by Gen. Zia are finally bearing fruits in true sense of the word. So thus beware my fellow Pakistanis we would not be needing Talibans or Al-Qaeda in the near future, for we ourselves would be at each other’s throats, simply because of the fact that, we have become our own gods, we serve justice the way we want, so we would beat the hell out of an old man just because he is eating in public during the month of Ramadan.
torrents, ah I just lost it, are finally blocked, because we in Pakistan don’t need any entertainment, all we need is to witness the mutilated parts of dead bodies blown apart in bomb blasts, and then our very independent media asking the deceased’s families, How do they feel. For that is what morality has come down to, and yeah to add to the already banned tally was just told by my brother that Josh Condoms ad is being taken off for being immoral, obviously it needed to be taken down for our nation believes in increasing this already increased Ummat, for it to be left uneducated, and thus be sent to a madrassa, for some clergymen to molest them first and then send them to be trained for a suicide attack.

So what is it all about that i wrote? Nothing just wastage of time directed at the ignorant masses who just wont give a damn. 
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani