A Poor’s Love.


When the poor cometh loud
voices raised as proud
when the miseries make ways
in the storms are giveth hays
its strength making love
like a peace-ridden dove
the wealthy then scream
for the poor make the cream
then the milk they sip
is at the mercy of a poor tip
the sun in skies just smiles
all the wealthy dragged for miles
the poor take away the bride
but money is the price of their pride
and they shall lose it wrong
for they were never meant to be strong.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.


Circles of Life


All the good that i have done

all the bad that i could have done

miseries that i have defied

sorrows that i could have denied

brothels that i cared to be mine

pubs that i made only mine

angels that kept me in their shadows

the devils that snatched me from their gallows

trust that i so lovingly survived

kept me living thou i had cried

wishes that i could only wish for

had all the way me ditched for

when shall my fairy-tale begin

for i have lost my bottles of gin

and i want my life taking a new start

for i have lived all my life a dart.



Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.

The Prophet

Your stature wish i had known
my character i wish was like your own
how can you not be among angels
as blessings evolve from your sandals
for the righteous thy path has no sound of any pain
all pleasures & luxuries open for gain
how can i be lead astray by any storm
when i have you followed in every form
be my witness the mighty one
for thou are the greatest one
none shall take me from your shadow
for I’ll do chase thy steps in every meadow.


Khan Elie Gohar Durrani

Rising dawn?

Whence i hear of a mass-filled standing
a stand off of people left out and demanding
the righteous deed for the people being sought
to stop the masses being bought
when the ruling class doth care not
those merciless traitor doth hear not
shall the masses go up the mount
to throw these hate mongers from up and count
or should them go back home
fearful for their falling dome
they always move up but down they teach
trying to reach the zeneath but instead left to preach
for actions doth they dare not
all they need be fearless and care not
but whence shall they so rise?
for all i have witnessed is careful despise.


Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.

Good and Worse


The stage is squarely set

for the mindful test

the Lord which made

all the devils for trade

The angels we trust

for some mercy in crust

when the honest go dream

the rich move the stream

all the cruel pay the price

but the poor have it thrice

the woods herein burn

for young ones to learn

whence shall come the day

when the good shall all lay

for the victory of peace

for being buried in one piece

for the worst do all have

joys flowing into the cave

and the good go deep

seeking mercy all asleep.



Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.



The devil whispers in my ear

gods have left you lone in fear

the angels missed you out in tears

while you were torn by mighty bears

so why not cometh into my lap

to have no worries of a silly trap

you will need no blessings of gods

for my league gets you the odds

fragile women will you get laid

fulfilling your lust of all the braid

so will thou join into my team

and bow down right into my stream

for blessings you don’t have any need

and mercy calleth you just in greed.



Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.

The Devil’s call


The devil made a call

all the virtue had to fall

the youth missed out small

but the best are always tall

the angels came to rescue

instead they left a test cue

with blessings gone strife

why should i bleed a knife

let the devils play and win

for the worst will save their skin

for the good is destined wrong

so let the devil’s arc be strong.


Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.