Blame the Exalted have thou done

ponder have thine what have thou done?

ego that eats thou mind

lust that thou carry in all kinds

riches doth thou yonder dream

wishes thou thread in the cream

with going high being the trade

senseless talking while thou parade

the clergy that thou speaketh wrong

their knowledge not so strong

thou fairy-tales went on

miseries thou inscribed move on

then just be thou or thy lord

its you or Him not aboard

the blessings of might thou seek

have you ever made it speak

repentance doth thou sought

miseries always had it brought

so shall thou tend to have amends?

that thou put the hand to bend?

But Nay! the way to blame is strong

and the lord to bless is far too long

misfortune that thou have seen

shameless human have thou been..


Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.


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