Thou & Thine!!

Thou name they thus take

an intellect seems to be in the make

the teachers have thou’s t speak

the one who is at the peak

the peers doth have thee feel

no one to whom thou kneel

the graciousness have it all sweet

mercy? nay! make it more discreet

what thou have in mind to reveal

the essence of life for love to conceal

thou strength of abstracts

wishful thinking of extracts

thine eyes having the shine

shall thou put its onus on a pine

weakness have thou rotten

shall it ever be forgotten?

Thou lines of wonders

make thee lost in thunders

so leave thy hay of pride

to get thee a wonderful bride.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.



Blame the Exalted have thou done

ponder have thine what have thou done?

ego that eats thou mind

lust that thou carry in all kinds

riches doth thou yonder dream

wishes thou thread in the cream

with going high being the trade

senseless talking while thou parade

the clergy that thou speaketh wrong

their knowledge not so strong

thou fairy-tales went on

miseries thou inscribed move on

then just be thou or thy lord

its you or Him not aboard

the blessings of might thou seek

have you ever made it speak

repentance doth thou sought

miseries always had it brought

so shall thou tend to have amends?

that thou put the hand to bend?

But Nay! the way to blame is strong

and the lord to bless is far too long

misfortune that thou have seen

shameless human have thou been..

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.

Might is Right

Thou shall give me my name

and all that’s worthy of my fame

but i shall have you being defied

for you have always had me tied

then will thou might see it right?

To see me pull down skins so tight.

Thou shall then witnesseth to bear

floods of sorrow in a tear

will thou blessings make a tale

to have misfortune go down pale

the wiser men will always care

for they go speedy like a hare

the fooly shall not have to bear

they better stick to eating pear

and so my might will have it all

for all the filth is bound to fall.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.


Will you ponder on my tale

misery yonder down my tail

the spirits thou have grown

the evil eyes they have flown

my soul search vanity aboard

sanity though missed the lord

to couple up sins with love

my head shall spin the dove

with pain so hard to bear

i shall not shed a tear

for mercy i shall not need

though blessings i will seek.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.