The illusion i have made

a delusion i always trade

water peeps down my roofs

floods go up the stallion hoofs

its wealth that i adore

poverty is what i abhor

blessings are what i need

but mercy is what i breed

my feelings let me down

like a beggar in the town

will i be greeted once for all?

For all i see is just a fall..

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.


Dark Life

Dark Life

The sinners fleet of my life

the horrors i see in my wife

my lust for the bosoms

my thirst for blossoms

the seas i had imagined

the shores i had lined

my dreams of some greatness

my vision of the braveness

the friends i have cared

the mercy-songs i dared

my humbleness betrayed

my sweetness all is swayed

the girls i have so longed

the winters gets me thonged

my words go on the name

my face has done with fame

the happiness i have sought

the misery always brought

my kin puts me in straits

my pals get me by traits

the harshness lingers long

the trash gets from me the strong

my courage tricks the throne

my wickedness makes me prone

the tale of shame moves on

the filth of sorrow haunts me on

my life thus puts me back

my mind just search the rack

for joys are what i seek

in a penny every week.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.