Mind Sick

Rain drops trickles down

only tears left for me to own

my loneliness makes my day

the horror of it dries me to hay

all the skills of going strong

all the claims of world being wrong

all the fantasies so high

searching beauty up the thigh

the glass of wine that i so poured

the godly places all i toured

all the evils i denied

all the earthly i defied

friends and foes are so alike

they all give up when they like

the kin that one opt to adore

they just make one feel like a whore

i have waited for my gods

like the spread out fishing rods

but then one have to move along

for a life worth living up the thong.

So i shall live out of the riddle

for no more my place is in the middle.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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