Did i lead you with my sins?

For virtues i throw in your bins

my wine filled breath you bear

for who else shed for you a tear

the courageous stay aback

for they can’t risk a hate track

i then rose from my throne

to help out your soul bled bone

the virtue turns me bad

all the dirty instantly get sad

the bearded show a rushImage

the beardless were just shush

but i risk it all for thee

only to see my murderer flee.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.



In the quest for glory

when the wind was holy

water drops were steady

all the lights were ready

then the dark set free

near the foot long tree

in the box laid to rest

for the body put to test

covered in white all along

mercy the claim of him being strong

his friends cry near the barn

while the kin come down to mourn

then they leave him alone

and all the tears borne were gone

alas! the eternal realm claim

misery is what the soul can blame

the world that he had bragged

nothing left for him to be bagged

so that was his bitter end

no more test for him to bend

but alas you all shall die

so move on and just lie

for the souls shall torn out

and the skin will burn out

no more no less thou shall bear

will god’s mercy halt your fear?

As death is its name

to put an end to the flame.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani

Mind Sick

Rain drops trickles down

only tears left for me to own

my loneliness makes my day

the horror of it dries me to hay

all the skills of going strong

all the claims of world being wrong

all the fantasies so high

searching beauty up the thigh

the glass of wine that i so poured

the godly places all i toured

all the evils i denied

all the earthly i defied

friends and foes are so alike

they all give up when they like

the kin that one opt to adore

they just make one feel like a whore

i have waited for my gods

like the spread out fishing rods

but then one have to move along

for a life worth living up the thong.

So i shall live out of the riddle

for no more my place is in the middle.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani

the Girl.

Her lips remind me of blood

her looks makes me forget the hood

her hair waving all over her

the lust of it to have me cover

the taste of her kiss so sweet

how come a human be so discrete

i fall for her eyes so deep

they make me walk in my sleep

her hands so adoring

will a man ever find them boring?

Her face lit with the moon

i wish to have my lust filled soon

every day i come across a world

which starts and ends with what she hold

so i wish to have her bosoms

to make me go all in blossoms.

And i wish to go in peace

for she has left me not in a piece.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani.

Heavenly Hell

The whores of heaven thou seek

the moon faced women all you speak

the dirty beards all you keep

all the filth filled in deep

thou go make people cry

tears to flow is what you try

make the body die in pieces

have you read the mighty thesis?

Making children to burn

for your life then to turn

making wives all go widows

hope thou mercy from windows?

taking bath in the blood

in the stream of its flood

you expect some romance

with a whore for a chance

for which you come for a blast

to put an end to your past

but your miseries stays alive

with no bees in the hive

then thou would want to repent

but flames of fire will do the dent.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani

The Dark Force




I go with the art of the dark

with my heart in the ark.

In the moon-lit nights i reveal

the mercy bottle in the heel.

The potion enters in my greed

to make me super in the deed.

The sinner takes out a leap

for the winners go down steap.

My steps may make it reach

to the zeneth of the beach.

Heavenly whores i shall defy

for holy spirits i never certify.

And my sight of the heavens fall

like the cross of the christ so tall.

So i shall walk with my sins

with pride i shall witness my wins.

And with virtuous i shall deny to dine

for they are not worth a dime.

And with the sinners i shall speak

with all our might we’ll press the weak..

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani