Unholy Land

I am being dragged,
to leave an unholy land
a land that suffers,
the honesty of dead
a land that troubles,
the pity of souls
a land where it rains,
the fire filled blessings
a land where flows the rivers,
with blood filled waters
a land where gardens are flourishing,
with limbs of humans they are cherishing
a land where mountains stand,
of graves without the stones
a land where fools do rule,
for wise know nothing
a land where bravery sleeps,
for brave are gallowed
a land where bearded are followed,
the hypocrites by right are thus repowerd
a land where there z pain,
for mothers of martyrs
a land where i cant flourish,
a land where i cant cherish
a land where i have to perish,
a land where stays the rubbish
a land where i cant live,
for i deny religion, and it denies me,
then i am dragged
to leave this unholy land,
where i cry to stay
but i have to leave the unholy land,
for i am dragged and i am dragged,
to leave this unholy land.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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