That sanity i missed
my vanity was hissed
I was on the brisk
with all on the risk
I seemed so pathetic
with all the prophetic
I wasted my skin
with all of my kin
I did not perform
with a word of reform
I worth not a dime
and it went for a time
They my soul got the track
and i left the trap
My mind then matured
and so i got it cured
The loser was gone
and the warrior reborn
I went out to win
and i made people spin
My friends were so loving
they made me go running
I got certain teachers
who made me a creature
From bottom i rose
in skies now i pose
and i don’t regret
but i want to forget
My past immature
my present so mature
Now i go on steady
and always em ready
For top is my place
and i don’t give a space.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani






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