Then and Then!!

The past m0ment of joys
when life was with toys.
the beauty was so much
with nature meant to be such.
those jumps and runs
with hurts, cries and tears.
elation with a few coins
laughter for gift of trips.
no tension and no mention
as problems & pains were for pension.
and that’s the story of his childhood
when he was free from the troy of the hood.
But the rise hath a fall
and so the child grows.
for embracing thorns
and for hugging the scorns.
for no more its time of childhood
its now the time of nationhood.
and so tears flow, and he sobs
for no joys, and what appear are pains.
And as fire is what it rains
so there is no word of gains.
its time of bombs, bumps and pumps
and he jumps in search of a triumph.
he lets the lava flow
for the light of his heart to glow.
and may he sees a tomorrow
in which there be no sorrow.
and may he see it soon
for he may die very soon.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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