The Journey

My nation sleeps,
for they are deaf
my nation weeps,
for they are blind
the story goes,
a state that was secular
a state that was prosperous,
ousted were the secular
so came the fundamentalists,
darkness came with its shadows
the hope dimmed with its gallows,
beardless came and left with beards
and the journey started,
the journey of destruction
and on its journey,
who claimed as moderates were ousted as extremists
came the religious into power,
they made us felt even more to suffer
some tried to catch things up,
but braves are killed oh! that’s the trend
and now that things are wrong,
the mighty are strong for they are wrong
and those with beards are in form,
for they made people go into the storms
and innocents die for the hood,
but for them the more the good
and i go wandering for peace,
a peace that my mind needs
but my nation sleeps,
for they don’t need peace
money is what they dream,
be it the price of the cream
and the Lord waits and waits,
for the great pain is coming
and the bads are running,
for they are the cunning
and goods lay weeping,
for they are there bleeding
And today we stand,
in the gallows with sorrows
but the day is tomorrow,
when we sing the sparrows
oh! you people give it an end,
and make it your trend
so all you people please wake up,
for you are to suffer
oh! you people please wake up,
for you are to suffer…
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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