I hear call for prayers
and i fear its wrath on my ears.
Then i see people go for prayers
Ah! i laugh to see its effect on my peers.
i see them bow in their prayers
a mock it is seeing hypocrites leading with fears.
i see heads rise and fall in prayers
amazing it is to see the bearded in tears.
i see and they pray they pray and i see
they pray for the witches to be a part of the riches.
and i doth what i want so i prayed
but i wont and i don’t go more for any prayers.
for i am to die with my grave to survive
and i have to fly with my wings to revive.
for my quest to find the best thing to grind
that if God is a must will He be a Just?
When my soul is of dust
so i feel a must it is to have a lust.
and the fact is what surely has been rust
that God is what i may have to trust
so i will and i will if i will
to go up the hill for there is my well
And i will pray if i live
for the heavens to sing.
The prayers of love and peace
and that’s the prayers i may pray.
For i don’t i wont, and i cant have my soul hurt
to be a hypocrite, with filthy heart.
so that when i perish i may cherish
for clean is my heart, the reason for i cherish.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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