My Sister:)

Ah! My sister, i wish u live long
live long to see what others couldn’t see.
The heavens of peace thou feel
the life full of joys is what u peel.
May thou have a hubby so loving
that he be dieing for your breath.
may thou have kids so caring
that they be flying for your dearth.
May thou mummy be living to see
your kids calling her sweet granny.
May thou dad be cherishing to see
thou happiness untouchable by tyranny.
May Thou see your hubby with you
to look for your kids in the joys.
may the hubby be living with you
to see your kids getting married in bows.
may the angels be helping you
so that my sis live with grace.
for God is surely watching over u
and its your bro whom u can trace.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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