My Friends.






I miss them all
for i love them all
That sweet Xari warning
the caring Madi laughing
The innocent Nikso teasing
the annoying Jay supporting
My lovely Cee envying
and the Young Mamu threatning
My Shiekh always sleeping
and Haji always reeping
With Ned always joking
the Fadi style if mocking
The serious Jibz is beeping
the proud Zahra quoting
That fatty Zaks so smiling
and Rabo tune up piling
that crappy Zobie shouting
the sweet Anum is chalking
The faster Arbab is talking
the face of Zahid blasting
That innocent Shahab is breathing
and all the rest are sweeping
oh my friends, i love thou all
for thou make my life go tall
and so blessings we needed
and blessings we will need
but we will live, and live long
live long to see our kids do wrong
and we dance and dance for life
for all we’ll do is laugh and dance
and may joys never leave us
and sadness never feed us
for all this life, i wish and i wish
that toys we kiss and joys we fish
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani







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