God Can and I Cant

If he can make me cry
cant he make me fly?
if he can make me sorrowful
cant he make me joyful?
if he can throw me into dark
cant he get me in a park?
if he can make me angry
cant he get me happy?
if he can give me poverty
cant he give me m0desty?
if he can do all this to me
cant he give the same to me?
days come and days go
cant he make the time wait for me?
if i am not worth it then
cant he give me right of complain?
if Moses with murder can
cant Adam and eve in a mistake?
if Joseph as a slave can
cant Jacobs for a short span?
if Mohammad in a night can
cant Jesus in a chain?
its all the can that he can
even all the cants he can.
but in the poor souls case
with only cants left for chase.
For it seems as if reality can
and it proves the dreams cant.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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