You will not let me go
for i go for the truth,
because i don’t fear,
and i don’t fear,
to fly into my skies,
to flow up with my clouds,
for its all mine,
and i fear none,
for God is whom i cant see,
angels are whom i cant feel,
so i rise and i fly,
for flying is my destiny,
flying into heavens on earth,
for heavens in skies i didn’t see,
and what i cant see is what i don’t trust,
and i fear not whats not the truth,
for victory is where i stand,
and defeat is what i defy,
and so i fly,
fly to go high,
high to see whether exist a god,
whether exist any heaven in skies,
for i believe in this life,
for i believe in pleasure,
for i believe in flying,
and so i fly to leave my sorrows behind,
and fly to leave my enemies behind,
fly to go into my heavens,
my heavens of peace,
and my heavens of joys,
and fly is what i do,
for i fly to reach out,
reach out to reach my destiny,
for my destiny awaits me
and it calls upon me,
for i am the savior,
for i am the flier,
and so i fly
fly is what i do to reach my heavens,
fly is what i do to reach my destiny.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani


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