A Dunce awakening






A dunce doth knows
a name that grows.
The fame that trot
the blame that rot.
A mirror that brought
a shadow that caught.
The mice that gains
a sweet that pains.
And life doth brings
a magic worth springs.
The dunce is running
with no one so cunning.
He thinks of threads
and wish for breads.
Keeping beard so long
with muscles so strong.
The bow that bends
is not his trends.
His ego is thrilling
for pain its giving.
He loves his bunch
and helps to munch.
He went so deep
for miseries to reap.
And a dunce will rise
is whats the prize
The asylum he sought
was for ever he thought.
But it went in a bling
before he heard any ring.
And now he goes
in pains are his toes.
And gods let him spin
so he went prayed and win.

Khan Elie Gohar Durrani







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