Khan Elie Gohar Durrani's Wizardry

The mockery of stage

the living on a page

the duality that is shown

all the hypocrisy is sown

the diversity of name

the humility of fame

its the call of nature

for the fall of stature

your gods get you in the straits

mine go deep in the traits

my sufferings go unseen

for the gods are not to be seen

the dead thus go living

for they wont be billing

all the cries we hear

of the judgement day we bear

just crap that is told

for my destiny is foretold

i will act my role i play

only to be thrown in the bay

and the stage is what lives on

the players left to be torn

so here i go calling my day

the gods may hear the pray

for death is what i moan

and life is what i mourn

may i get out of…

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