Khan Elie Gohar Durrani's Wizardry

The mockery of stage

the living on a page

the duality that is shown

all the hypocrisy is sown

the diversity of name

the humility of fame

its the call of nature

for the fall of stature

your gods get you in the straits

mine go deep in the traits

my sufferings go unseen

for the gods are not to be seen

the dead thus go living

for they wont be billing

all the cries we hear

of the judgement day we bear

just crap that is told

for my destiny is foretold

i will act my role i play

only to be thrown in the bay

and the stage is what lives on

the players left to be torn

so here i go calling my day

the gods may hear the pray

for death is what i moan

and life is what i mourn

may i get out of…

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With the wind so low
how my heart can grow
In the nights so dim
my hopes are grim
And With dark so bright
my eyes have no light
I scream of my pains
with no sign of gains
My hands glued up
and mind blued up
I search for a ray
of hope not of hay
But its gone so heavy
i doubt it may steady
So i trot on the path
hearing roars of wrath
I just want to give in
for my life to gel in
But its all so fast
and my feet wont last
But i will give a try
and i may have to cry
For my tears have to flow
to make way for the snow
But i may see the spring
the day I’ll be the king.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani

My Fairy Tale II







And the fairy tale went on
the mercy of God was gone
The guy cold and pawn
the gal cried and was gone
They were close for so long
never meant to be strong
The guy for the song
the gal for the wrong
Too much tears being flown
But the end was the dawn
For the sun made a way
in the mid of the bay
Then the life made a turn
both had eyes on the burn
Tending to leave sorrows behind
and only joys in the mind
they trotted two separate ways
in the wind of the days
May they both see the joys
for which they lost all the toys.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani







The Game of Change






The game is ready
but we go on steady
and with life so cheap
the stage is asleep
my words go too deep
but my audience is asleep
let dead be on track
for the living are just blank
let the eyes be opened
for heavens have rottened
and let the rich go fly
so that poor rot and dye
my nation will thou rise?
for our god has a prize
so don’t wait for your peace
and awake for the peace
let us face the world
for change is not just a word
and let us lay our lives
for our kids honey-hives.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani






My Heart’s cry






The girl i lost
the love i tossed
My mind was wrong
the heart never strong
I could have possessed
her dress so pressed
My eyes went blind
with snaps left to grind
I lost my heart
i lost on my soul
My faith so weird
is shrunk more shrewd
I wish she knows
my love for her grows
I wish i forget
my soul’s regret
And i cant select
what i cant collect
My life is at crust
with nill left in trust
I pray for her life
and tail on her strife
So Go thou with the wind
for skies have the bend.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani






A Dunce awakening






A dunce doth knows
a name that grows.
The fame that trot
the blame that rot.
A mirror that brought
a shadow that caught.
The mice that gains
a sweet that pains.
And life doth brings
a magic worth springs.
The dunce is running
with no one so cunning.
He thinks of threads
and wish for breads.
Keeping beard so long
with muscles so strong.
The bow that bends
is not his trends.
His ego is thrilling
for pain its giving.
He loves his bunch
and helps to munch.
He went so deep
for miseries to reap.
And a dunce will rise
is whats the prize
The asylum he sought
was for ever he thought.
But it went in a bling
before he heard any ring.
And now he goes
in pains are his toes.
And gods let him spin
so he went prayed and win.
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani